Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group need sponsors!


We are a group of veterans affected by our service when at Mururoa as part of the NZ Governments' policy of benign protesting against the French nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Since our return we have all seen and heard of the tragedies experienced both personally and by our shipmates & their Families, plus the lack of any material acceptance of their responsiblity to support us by the very same NZ Government.

We will not be denied! We believe it is time for us to become proactive in our attempts to show the Government it is now time "walk the walk".

If you can help by becoming a sponsor of any of the pages on this site for an annual stipend starting at  $250, your company or name will be promoted as a Prime Sponsor of this group.

All other Donations to support our FUND are greatfully accepted and Bank Details can be obtained by emailing us.


If you can help, please email below, the recipient will provide you with more information.

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